CooMeet Russian chat — premium video chat with girls

Have you noticed how little live communication still exists in the modern world? Dating in person has become a rarity, work and study are gradually moving online, and many people now simply don’t have time for a ‘real’ life.

It’s not surprising that for several years now there has been substantial growth in services designed to compensate for the lack of real life interaction. Some of these are designed to offer video chats with girls, such as the Russian chat CooMeet and its alternatives.

The format of video chat roulette is hardly new — indeed it’s existed since 2009, and there are now dozens, if not hundreds, of online chat roulette sites. But finding a really worthwhile one can be time-consuming and troublesome. This is due to poor moderation, an abundance of fakes and bots, offensive users, and much more. In this regard, the Russian CooMeet has taken a huge step forward, offering users a completely new approach.

  • Firstly, the site is focused primarily on men and connects them only with girls.
  • Secondly, you just chat with real people online, and not with an avatar picture, behind which anyone could lurk.
  • Finally, every girl on CooMeet Russia goes through an identity verification process, which prevents fakes and bots from appearing on webcam.
CooMeet dating site

CooMeet is a Russian alternative to Omegle and other popular video chat roulettes, but much more convenient and feature-packed. A small issue is that the best features of the site are only revealed with a CooMeet Premium subscription, but it's worth it!

CooMeet Premium account cost

CooMeet chatroulette and its administrators have always taken care of their customers, and will continue to do so. They pay great attention to moderation and ongoing modernization of online video chat. This requires investment, so a subscription is required to use the CooMeet dating site without restrictions.

CooMeet premium price

CooMeet Premium is more than affordable for most users:

  • 1 month — 9.99 USD + 20 free minutes. Total: 9.99 USD
  • 3 months — 7.99 USD per month + 70 free minutes. Total: 23.97 USD
  • 6 months — 4.99 USD per month + 100 free minutes. Total: 29.94 USD

You can also buy minutes separately — $0.5 per minute — or as packages, which offer even better value for money. The prices by package:

  • 10 minutes — 5 USD
  • 60 minutes — 25 USD
  • 360 minutes — 100 USD

Best of all, you can take advantage of a one-day premium trial + 10 free minutes for just $1.99. This lets you personally evaluate all the advantages of the service, try out the available features, chat with interesting and most importantly real girls, and decide whether you are ready to buy the full Premium package.

Omegle, CooMeet and Chatroulette — the difference in approaches

CooMeet live chat is often compared to the "pioneers" of the chatrandom format — Omegle and Chatroulette. At first glance, they really look alike. But on closer inspection, we can see that each random chat takes a different approach.

To sum up, we can safely say that if you need a convenient chat roulette to meet girls, CooMeet is the best choice. If you want to completely trust randomness and are ready to chat with a wide variety of people, you can use Omegle and Chatroulette.

The rise in popularity of online dating apps

During the decade and more of the existence of the chat roulette format, anonymous video chat sites have experienced repeated ups and downs in popularity. In 2009-2010 when they first launched, there was a real surge — everyone who had fast enough Internet was enjoying video chat — and the number of sites with similar functionality increased at lightning speed.

CooMeet live chat

Later, interest in the chat roulette format began to gradually fade away, as they started to Get squeezed out by new social networks, dating sites and other online platforms. However, right now we are seeing a second wave of popularity for the anonymous video chat format. There are several reasons for this:

Finally, some statistics. Using the Google Trends service, we can see that in 2016, when CooMeet had just launched, its popularity around the world was only 1-5 points out of 100. By the middle of 2018 this figure had increased to 30-40 points. And right now we can see a huge surge of interest in video chat — a stable 95-100 points. At the same time, the prices have not put off users at all. After all, modern people know that it is better to pay for a quality service than to put up with the many disadvantages of dubious free clones! Experience has taught them that time and again.